An Exclusive Interview with Dayal Nathan, Founder & CEO, Energyly

Tell us in brief about your organization, objectives and core competencies

Energyly was incorporated in 2015. It was incorporated by me (Dayalnathan) & Dilip Rajendiran. The vision of Energyly was to provide Energy Efficiency to small & medium enterprises especially the MSME sector so that save power costs using energy analytics both on mobile & dash board at an affordable cost. The Initial team size was just two of us, and then we had some couple of interns and currently we have a team size of twelve.


Could you please share about your company’s greatest strengths in Energy Monitoring?

We have a blended hardware cum software product at a price point affordable to any medium & small scale industries/enterprises. Also Energyly’s Energy monitoring system is compatible with all fore-running industrial equipments.


What, according to you, is the USP of the products and services offered by Energyly?

Our unique selling point is the mobile app (available in both iOS/Android) that provides real-time machine wise energy consumption, ON/OFF status, and priority based alerts for beforehand finding the breakdowns. Another feature is the push-in app notifications on consumption statistics, and reports. We provide a complete viable end-to-end solution for greater visibility and control of power bills.


What kind of business opportunity do you see in the Energy Analytic segment?

In the energy space, industrial sector has been slow to adopt to measuring and analyzing energy data. Integrating Real-time data sources about how much energy is used, where & when it’s used, inefficiencies, financial terms etc and present them in a clear way in order to make real-time business decisions remains a challenge. There comes in the picture, the energyly’s analytics to provide viable insights and solutions for data driven decisions.


Why is being energy efficient so important? And What about generating your own energy?

Any Industry/Enterprise/commercial spaces spend 30% of their running cost on energy which can be reduced further with bettered energy efficiency practices. Electricity costs impact your business’s financial bottom line so whenever you save energy within your business you are also saving money. Hence Energy efficiency is an important approach to minimizing energy costs and improving reliability.


In what ways can more efficient monitoring and management of the energy supply contribute to greater usage of renewable energy sources?

By doing energy monitoring before Renewable Energy installation, you’ll know the actual demand requirement, thereby you don’t install RE under capacity or over capacity. Also Synchronization of Grid power, RE power & DG power can be done based on cost and resource availability.


Will energy saved from monitoring devices make any significant change in Power requirement of the country?

Of course! Because energy saved is energy produced. Hence by monitoring we can have a good control over demand requirements. Energy consumption by monitoring over a timescale will gain evidence-based insights which will be used in models to forecast the impact of policy interventions on energy usage & bills, and also in determining the tariff rates.


 “Indian Solar Power tariff per unit has fallen from Rs 12.76 to Rs 10.96 in 2010-11 to Rs. 2.44 in 2017”. How do you see this change?

Cost falls signifies that renewable sources of energy are the most viable, reliable and affordable solutions for energy demand as they’re intermittent unless stored, and no input costs are required


The Government of India has set a target of 175 GW Renewable power installed capacity by the end of 2022. What needs to be done to achieve this target? (Please mention the responsibilities of Government as well as that of Corporate to achieve this target)

Bringing back the depreciation @80% in first year which was earlier two years. Interest free loans for all businesses to implement RE. Building awareness to showcase a model where ROI ≤ 3 years instead of current ROI ≥ 6 years


How positive do you feel about the future of Renewable Energy in India?

India’s fast growing economy will require four times more than the total energy being consumed today. At this critical juncture, ramping up renewable energy sources and technologies will have positive projections to have a sustainable future. Also they provide affordable solutions for mobility and future directions to the address the varying load demand challenges.


Closing comments for our readers

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About Dayal Nathan

Dayal NathanCurrently Founder & CEO. Energyly, iOT based energy monitoring system for energy analytics

Past Work Experience:

  • Ojas Digital Technologies,Founder&CEO,Animation studio services for publishers and own IP
  • Solar Compact Disc,Co Founder&CEO,DVD and CD manufacuturing services for music, video and IT
  • Pentamedia Graphics Limited, Head, Profit centre head for CD, international marketing for animated feature films
  • Nova Electro Magnetics, Dy. Superintendent, Production of video cassettes
  • VIP Industries, Officer Plastics, Injection Molding Engineer for luggages

Education: PG. Plastics Engineering, CIPET, All India Topper


Company Profile

EnergylyEnergyly is in the business of energy analytics helpings Small & Medium scale industries reduce their energy bills and increase productivity using state-of-the-art hardware, User Friendly Analytics and a Mobile App.

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